Friday, February 12, 2010

The Myth of History

Ah, the power of propaganda. Recently there's been this increased focus on children within the rabid, hyper-stimulated, world of the Obesity Epipanic. It's been building for some time now. And, with the First Ladies apparent inability to separate health from fatness, It would seem that now is the perfect time to ramp-up the intensity.    

What I, and many others, find so unusual about these theories of postnatal calorie restriction [Certainly, more fanatic elements of the Anti-fat Brigade see no reason to stop at merely postnatal dieting] is the obvious disconnect regarding, yah know; Growth and what one needs to accomplish said Growth. Well, one would THINK this disconnect to be obvious but. . . . 

Humans are mammals, I think most biologist and medical people would agree to that. Now, one of the fundamental processes of mammalian reproduction, one might call it essential amongst offspring baring creatures is. . . Wait for it, wait for it. . . Ready?. . .  Calorie Stockpiling. 

Animals (those without the intellect to make them believe and do stupid things) instinctively calorie load during pregnancy for several reasons including:

  • Normal / increased development of fetal offspring before birth.  
  • Increased energy reserves enabling mother / host to carry offspring to term.
  • Energy reserves for mother AND offspring for the birthing process itself.
  • Better survival prospects of postnatal young.
  • Normal / increased development of vulnerable preadolescent offspring.       

In species that exhibit pair bonding or mate-for-life tendencies, males will often starve themselves in order to make sure, offspring carrying, mates get as much nutrition as can be made available. But, of course, one could argue that we're not animals and therefore don't need to concern ourselves with matters as dire as survival. Well, in deference to my non-meat-eating friends, this argument would be very similar to those who argue against the need for human meat consumption. My views on the subject? As long as humans continue to produce flesh taring canine teeth and meat processing intestinal gut flora, humans will need to eat meat. As long as human offspring are being carried to term by their mothers, as long as normal preadolescent growth is handled outside of a some kind of pod or child growing factory, calorie overloading will ALWAYS be safer than calorie depravation. Even IF there IS an increased possibility of obesity. Even if ALL the TERRIFYING things they are trying so desperately to convince us WILL HAPPEN (for sure... Mostly) in that far-flung future fantasy of the Fat Apocalypse. Who knows what pandora's box of new physio/psychological deficiencies and illnesses restricting the calorie intake of 3 MONTH OLD CHILDREN will open. Or maybe they do know. I mean, those, whatchamacallum, 3rd world children survive, right? Well, most of them do anyway. . .  And their pretty healthy. . . Kinda.   

This is Your Obesity Panic. It tells us that 2000 years of child rearing experience is wrong and that fat babies healthy babies. It drives people to unreasoned heights of fear and makes outrageous ideas like depriving your children of the basic materials they need to be actually healthy, prosperous, and whole, sound logical.

But then that's what good propaganda does. 

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  1. lol what do the past 2000 years have to do with any of the concepts you've discussed? There's nothing about child rearing that is specific to that time period.

    Of course you were using this as short hand for the entirety of human history, but history didn't start with the birth of Jesus Christ.

    If you are attempting to disabuse people of the notion that fat people are idiots, bad job man.

  2. Yes. This. This is what I meant to articulate for my post on this but was unable to due to the blinding fury and frustration brought on by the idea that babies could possibly be "too" fat. People are *made* of calories, ergo if we want to *grow* people, calories are what we need to do it. Very well said.

  3. HAA-Ha-ha-ha!. . . . Oh, the stupid. It tickles sometimes.
    Sports Prick?. . . Is it?. . . Well, Prick lets see if I can break this down so even you can understand it without wasting too much of my own time. 'A fat baby is a healthy baby' <---this is an axiom (proverb, saying, things people say to each other. Not gibbering) has been around for most of recorded human history, 'round 2 - 3K (K=1000. 2k=2000. 3k=3000 and that would be years. Getting all this?). Now I COULD have referenced the 'entirety of human history' since folks have been birthin' babies all through out but, yah know, probably, they weren't all that into writing stuff down 200K years ago or talking even (let me know if you need help with the math, K?. . . <--That means 'Ok'. Not the number thing from before). Which probably would have been good for you. With your comprehension and communication skills you could have been King Prick back then. Duke of Dick at least. Just born too late I guess.

  4. Jen;
    Thanks. Yeah it would seem kinda. . . Well, 2X4-to-the-head, obvious wouldn't it? But then we get run across someone like our sporty friend above and quickly come the re-realization that idiots are legion. There's always some zipperhead out there with a 'Brilliant theory' trying to get his 5 minutes on the Science Channel. Of course how accurate that idiots theories are is usually far less important than how athletic he looks. And who does his hair, can't forget that.

  5. POP, goes the Troll! Or as Chris Walken has been known to say; 'The Best thing about a conversation like this? You only have to have it once.'

  6. Oh, humans NEED meat? I guess I just forgot to drop dead! Ragequit.

  7. Ummm, not quite sure what it is your trying to say here. You forgot to drop dead. . . .Why, exactly?

    If you actually READ the post you might notice I stated this was MY OPINION. As, I assume, it is NOT yours (depending, again, on what it is your trying to say above). Please feel free to be Veg, Vegan, or anti-broccoli. I. Don't. Care.

    *Off to enjoy my beef w/broccoli & Pork Lo mein*