Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back of the Bus II

This wasn't, quite, as inevitable as the last. After all one would expect a major transportation concern to realize that publicly embarrassing a media personality with a major fan base and internet access might not be a good idea. 

I'm a fan of Kevin Smith's comic book writings. Of the innumerable cross-title match ups of Spider-Man and Daredevil his featured some of the best writing and story arcs I've ever read. Haven't been one much for his directorial work but I respect the Slacker / Stoner / SciFi Nerd / Fanboy in him. Unfortunately, from what I've heard & read about him recently, it sounds like he's on the same Hate Yourself Treadmill most of the people who have anything to DO with Hollywierd end up on. Little advice Kev, riding that dieting Yo-Yo just 'cause somebody else has a problem with your weight will only end up dumping your health down the crapper faster than staying fat and stable. Dude, it's far better to feel good about yourself while throwing a Big fat Bird to the Haters than let them mind-frak you into screwing yourself up just to look like them.

As for Southwest? This little demonstration makes it patently obvious that they have no respect or even sympathy for fat people in general. At least as little as their passengers who, are more than willing to jump all over people they consider different because they've been made uncomfortable. Like we WANT to pack ourselves into seats that are too, damn, small. Like we LIKE having them touch US in any way. Like we ENJOY the muscle cramps from balling ourselves up into the smallest space possible. LIKE WE WOULD BE DOING ANY OF THIS IF WE DIDN'T HAVE TO BECAUSE, LIKE THEM, WE NEED TO GET WHERE WE ARE GOING.

News Flash folks; except for the very well off, traveling sucks for everybody. Get over it or get ON the people who are supposed to make it better

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