Monday, February 15, 2010

Back of the Bus III

Yeah, I'm back on this again! Guess what? I'm gonna BE on this until people start realizing that they are not talking about some nebulously abstract, obesity epipanic problem, they can hammer at until it's fixed. My job here is to remind you that WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, IS PEOPLE. Fat People who are, quite possibly enjoying their flight experience EVEN LESS THAN YOU ARE. Yes it is possible. It's even possible to realize this on your own if you have more empathy than your average sociopath. 

In any case this has turned into something fairly big [Yeah, ok haters. Get your LULz in now...] but it needs to go bigger [...'Cause you might not be laughing for long]. In that vain- 

  • First Responders:
  • For a pretty concise transcript of what went down: 
  • Kevin Smith's own words on what Fly while Fat can be like:
The articles under the above links need to be read. The COMMENTS after all of those articles need to be read. Read, thought through, and understood. 
However if your not really interested, or too frightened to go that far, then feel free to go back to your regularly scheduled fat hate. 

We weren't going to convince you anyway.  

Muzak Therapy:
Poppa Chubby / Hey Joe

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