Friday, March 19, 2010

Brain Quake

Ran across two recent posts that have the potential to rock a lot of small minded peoples tiny little worlds. If they've got the stones to think outside their boundaries, the civility to ask outside their experience, and the ability to listen without preverication-

Proposed via Shakesville

Fat is Love via Fashionista Stiletto Siren

They speak to perceptions and misconceptions that have been around for years but seems to have been enflamed over the past few with all this talk about what's wrong with fat people. World views that presume to ignore or forget that we are people. People who, in past, where simply living one possible aspect of human existence. Now, in a world that appears to have finally gotten a glimpse of the bill for all of it's past excesses, we sit in accusation of wanting too much, taking too much, being too much. Because we're easier to pick out of the crowd of free spending, free using, throw-it-out-and-buy-another people, we are the ones upon which rage can be re-focused, guilt can be assuaged , and responsibility can be displaced. In an age of 'It-wasn't-us!' we are the Easy Scapegoats.  

Scapegoats with minds. With thoughts, feelings, and voices. Scapegoats that will not sit still. 

Invariably not Scapegoats for long. 

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