Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More to. . . Meh

So, 'More to Love' is over and done. Mind numbingly dull, Luke (aka: 'I Lurv Big Womenz') may have been inept but, I think, sincere. Or as sincere as one can be on reality TV. 'The Ladiez' ran the usual gamut of manipulative shrews to well meaning victims and the prerequisite gamers gaming the game to be the first across the finish line. And apparently one from the last archetype made it to Final Two Elimination before tripping over her own game. Win by any means necessary; It's the American Way.

By now the 'twist' of this, pretty painful to watch, Reelality TeeVee show is pretty well known; all those lonely fat ladies striving to win 'The Man of Their Dreams' on this, the only date many of them had ever had. While being national televised, of course. Lots of weeping, lots of soul baring pain, lots of desperation, and Fox Networks singular template of what American Malehood is / should be. I'll give Luke credit for one thing. In the few eps I managed to sit through he seemed to go from 'Dood! I'm living, like, EVERY Doodz fantasy!' too 'This might actually mean something.' Granted, he didn't look all that sure WHAT it might mean but he did appear to put some effort into trying to figure it out towards the end. As has been noted nearly everywhere (and rightly so) Lesley at fatshionista did a fairly epic job of taking this show apart, piece by piece, so I'll just leave it at that.

Frankly, after watching a few eps (then promptly hosing out and disinfecting my DVR) the show gave me the impression of a circus sideshow. Maybe that can be put down to a general trend in televised media. Desperate as they are for our attention and increasingly willing to revert to 'the old ways' to get it. Unfortunately, for Fat Folk and most other groups of 'othered' people in history, those old ways don't generate so many fond memories. And now fat people can look forward to the 'pleasure' of even more media attention. Hoo-ray. Can't wait.

NBC, TLC. . . . . TGN? Really? The. Gameshow. Network. Somebody went just a little crazy at the Way Back Machine controls. What's next? Fat Folk engaging in dangerously competitive weight loss on The Sideshow Network for healthcare benefits they were denied because they're fat? Now That's, compassionate, Entertainment. Obviously. 'Cause it's all for our own good. An', ya know, we're fat.  

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