Monday, January 25, 2010

Well, THAT Didn't Work.

ATTENTION, Alabama Legislature! The Obesity Epidemic information you've based your discriminatory 'health initiatives' on, is false / faulty. No I'm not talking about the BMI. Although that, too, is pretty useless. I'm talking about the shining example of success you based your 'Fat people Fighting' healthcare 'Fat Tax' on. The ONE incidence where financially punishing people for the size of their bodies seemed to work, is based on a lie. A pretty, [perhaps for you] statistically pleasing, conventionally logical, lie but a lie none the less.

Perhaps you should have consulted with Gov. Joseph Manchin of W. Virginia before rushing ahead with an iffy program that's had ONE example of 'success' [Well, used  to have one anyway].

We know, it's scary. With all the big, bold, headlines in the non-biased media. All those 'experts', scientific sounding people, and infallible Doctors that are out there screaming about the End of Days Health. Good Folk who must have some reason for not liking fat people. And all those terrifying prophesies of the impending Fat Apocalypse? Something had to be done. Right?
Yeah, No. It's never a good idea to persecute or punish people for their own good. Doesn't work, isn't helpful, and makes you look, something of a, self-righteous, prig. Or was that more of a 'make them pay because their costing us money' kind of thing? Despite the fact that fat people are already paying their own way just like everybody else paying into healthcare at work? Oh. Right. They say Fat Offenders actually cost more than they pay in. And by 'they', you would mean those same 'experts' and statistically pleasing reports again. They sure do say a lot, them and those infallible medical people.
Wonder what ELSE they might have glossed over missed?

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